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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 18, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> sean: i'm sorry, i don't care about my not, i don't care. whatever you have to say, we were always be fair and balanced, never the destroyed trump media. let not your heart be troubled, laura, take it away. >> laura: great show tonight and good evening everyone from los angeles, i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle "the ingraham angle." you're going to want to stay with us tonight we have unbelievable news, groundbreaking information you were not going to want to miss it. in moments, we will talk to two house members who have seen that document from the house intel committee on the russia investigation that could potentially sink the robert mueller probe. california officials are telling local authorities and employers that they should not comply with federal immigration officers. we have the head of ice here with his response, and are you being lied to about the number
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of dreamers who would get amnesty? we have some mind-blowing numbers to share with you ahead. anthony scaramucci is here on trumps economic revival and a speech that even some liberals are culling the best of his presidency. liberals exposed for putting daca ahead of american citizens. exposing the truth about corruption inside the obama fbi and the birth of the mueller investigation, that's the focus of tonight's angle. this is unbelievable, the government again runs out of cash tomorrow. unless the senate votes for a temporary spending bill to keep the government open, all but essential government services will be shut down midnight friday. democrats and a few goofball republicans have decided to hold the entire funding of the u.s.
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government hostage for a deal to give legal status to 800,000 illegal aliens brought here as minors. you heard that right. members of congress elected to represent the interests of americans and uphold the constitution of the united states have now fully exposed themselves as nothing more than a permanent lobby for open borders and unending cheap labor. it is a total travesty. the president -- despite not having campaigned on giving amnesty to anyone -- is willing to do a deal to help the daca people. but he required a few basic concessions from the party out of power like ending chain migration and the visa lottery and defunding the wall that he promised to build. democrats, not the president, walked away from the bargaining table in an attempt to force his hand. i'm thinking about this today --
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do you remember who was blamed by the media back in 2013 when a few conservative republicans, they were the party out of power forced a government shutdown? it was about obamacare. the media and the party in power than unanimously blamed republicans. >> the resident drew a firm line that he will negotiate but he's not going to do it until after he gets both a clean cr that extends government funding and raises the debt limit. >> i'm afraid they are going to send us right over the cliff. >> were not negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. >> laura: they were following the narrative set by the head of the party in power, president barack obama. >> when you have a situation in which a faction is willing potentially to default on u.s. government obligations, then we are in trouble.
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if they are willing to do it now, they will be willing to do it later. >> laura: a faction, it was a faction. we have a faction now, it turns out that republicans weren't really hurt all that much in the 2014 midterms as many predicted. the only thing most people remembered about the ted cruz filibuster was this. >> i like green eggs and ham, i do. i like them, sam i m. >> laura: i sometimes play that to my kids to get them to sleep. democrats are playing with fire and we are seeing a little movement tonight by chuck schumer, we will get to that in just a moment. a new cbs poll shows that even among those who support helping the daca of folks, americans do
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not want to shut the government down to do so. by the way, even with all the media disinformation out there about what chain migration is, more americans think immigration should be based on merit. more than family ties right second cousin twice removed, you know the drill. all of that is good news for trump. you know what i say? i say it's time to call their bluff. republicans shouldn't be cowed at all. i say let the democrats take their stand and force a shutdown of the government for illegal immigrants. then the american voters will finally see once and for all what the democrats and amnesty fanatics really think -- the hopes and well being and of american citizens just aren't as important as the potential votes that they are going to get by an influx of illegal immigrants.
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speaking of exposing the truth, republicans in the house have finally seen the content of that house intel report on the fusion gps dossier and the molar special counsel investigation and apparently it is a blockbuster. sources are telling "the ingraham angle" that the contents paint a disturbing picture of misdeeds and corruption inside of the obama fbi which runs straight into the heart of the special counsel's office. as of now, the report is secret but many members of congress are asking the speaker to move to declassify the document and release its contents. >> the intelligence memo that we have just read is so alarming that it must be immediately disclosed to the american peopl people. >> laura: i couldn't agree more, speaker ryan should cut
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through whatever bureaucratic protocol is necessary to see that the contents of this report is made public. let's remove all doubt about what is in that report. i'll tell you this -- if it turns out that our fbi has been compromised and that american citizens have been targeted for surveillance for purely political reasons or that the obama justice department and maybe even some of the white house were in on it, boy, do the people have a right to know? they have a right to know now, not six weeks from now and not six months from now. remember, this dossier was a campaign generated document paid for by the democrats. it was used to justify spying on anyone associated with donald trump, heads should roll. it's time to expose this entire circus to the sunlight. all of us should be able to
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trust federal law enforcement to be objective and not filled with some vengeful political hack do dom. the president and anyone else in robert mueller's sites deserve it too, and that's the angle. if joining us from washington are two house members who have seen it these classified documents. raul labrador from idaho and any picks from arizona. were also joined by fox news contributor byron york, it's great to see you tonight. congressman labrador, i want to start with you. i started getting calls, i'm here on the west coast -- i'm i started getting calls about this at about 6:30 in the morning by congressman who started to read this report and they didn't reveal anything they weren't supposed to. they said whatever you do, the people have to know what is in this, this has to get
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declassified. tell us how we can declassify it and whatever you can tell us about what's inside. >> thanks for having me on your show, this is so important and it's important for your viewers to know that the house has the authority to release this information. we don't have to declassify it. house rule ten and this is something i think were going to talk a lot about over the next few weeks, it allows us to select the committee to release the information, they believe it is important enough to the public that is of vital importance to the public. all we need to do is have a vote from the house and the house select committee can do that. i think we need to do that immediately. in the next week or so i believe the american people need to see everything that is in this document. i can't tell you, congressman bigs can't tell you what we read today but people will be
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shocked. >> laura: we are going to hit on this immigration debate and the government shutdown, on this issue of the release of this report, is there any national security concern about releasing this document that you can see? anything that paul ryan could point to to avoid a move? >> i saw nothing that releasing to the public would have any negative effect on the national interest, i think the national interest is harmed by keeping it a secret to the public. we have to be transparent, we have to get this out there. it is so vital, so important. americans are going to be as outraged and many of my colleagues who have read this. it has to get out and i don't
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believe we can hide behind the shield of national security interest because the problem is just flipped on its head. it was democrats in that committee who don't want it released. >> laura: i wanted to go to you on this, i heard four people -- congressman this morning. people very high up in the justice department and the fbi could very well lose their jobs if this report goes public. do you believe given what we've heard from glenn simpson, he's trying to move on the dossier with the old administration, how explosive could this be? >> it could be pretty explosive. haven't actually seen the document but we've been hearing about this for quite a long while. the investigators in the house
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have been in a box for months. if they have been learning things of great public interest but it was classified and they couldn't tell the public. the institution had the authority to declassify was the institution they were investigating. it's a trap, what we saw today was a brilliant effort to bust out of that, use a maneuver to create a summary of their work and allow all members of the house to see it. it wasn't a small group of 13 people on the republicans, it was anybody in the house that could take a look at this. it was really big and that was increasing the momentum to try this parliamentary maneuver that representative labrador has been talking about. >> laura: the democrats were okay with releasing the glenn
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simpson testimony, correct? we are going to play a snippet of that, it's important for them to see the founder of the fusion gps said. it's full screen sorry about that. he was asked to do the fbi ever reach out to you or fusion gps, he said no. you've never heard from anyone inside the government, the fbi or the department of justice? during the election, no. what did you hear after? i was asked to provide some information to the justice department. it was by a prosecutor named bruce or who followed up. in other words nelly or who worked for fusion gps, he ended
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up being the source of the question. congressman labrador your reaction to that. >> i can't speak about the specific facts because i saw this memo today, i have to be very careful. the democrats decided to vote against releasing this memo. when i was in the room and i heard from other members of congress when they were in the room, there were no democrats who actually came down to look at this memo. they were so interested in the russia collusion story until it started unraveling, now we have some information, we were unwilling to release it or even look at it. i think with the american people will find, they are going to be shocked by this memo. i invite everybody to use the
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#releasethememo , we need to push the house leadership to do this. i hope that they do and they stand with the american people. >> laura: we are way out of time, we could do an hour on this. are people going to lose their jobs? >> they probably ought to. i'm shocked that some haven't already. >> laura: all right, gentlemen, fascinating. we didn't have time to get into the immigration bill that the president supports. we appreciate the analysis, local officials are telling their police officers not to cooperate. you cannot make this stuff up. the head of ice has his response. >> the federal government has decided to appeal the district court's granting of the preliminary injunction. we are ready as we were before.
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>> laura: we are coming you tonight from los angeles in the sanctuary state of beautiful california. it's ground zero in a showdown over illegal immigration. "the san francisco chronicle" reporting that immigration and customs enforcement is about to
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launch massive immigration raids across northern california. the raids will target criminals and those already slated for deportation but local police departments are reportedly not planning to cooperate with the feds. let's go straight to the source, immigration customs enforcement director tom holman joins us from fredericksburg virginia. director, thank you for joining us tonight here in california. we are at ground zero for the illegal immigration battle. your agency, the immigration customs enforcement has said that you are going to be carrying out immigration grades in northern california soon. no big surprise, some of the democrats are not happy about that. dianne feinstein and kamala harris just wrote you a letter and they said diverting resources in an effort to punish california and to score political points is unimportant abuse of power not to mention a
7:21 pm
terrible misuse of the scarce. how do you respond? >> isa didn't announce any operation, we didn't announce operations in advance of that. what i did say is we are going to increase resources in the state of california in response to the policies. let me explain this isn't a threat to california, this isn't a retaliation for laws. we used to have access, one officer can sit in the jail and processed ten illegal criminal aliens in a shift. since they are released to the street, we have more resources to locate these people out in the community. in a county jail they don't have access to weapons. we have to locate these people on the street and their place of business. we need more officers out there to do that job safely. adding resources, is in direct response to the sanctuary laws that forced me to be in that
7:22 pm
position. as far as the congressman who wrote the letter, i didn't think congress was in the business of enacting laws they didn't want law enforcement to enforce. i am enforcing the laws that they enacted. for them to say i shouldn't be enforcing the laws, we have taken a sworn duty and enforcing laws in this country. we have enforced the laws that congress enacted. i'm doing what they tell me to do. i am enforcing laws that they have enacted. >> laura: now the attorney general has said that they may take enforcement action against employers who assist ice in finding these individuals or giving information to ice about known illegal immigrants. the state might actually go after employers for working with the federal government and they
7:23 pm
cite their protraction of immigrant acts which was signed into law and went into effect january 1st of this year. they would then be intruding on the privacy of the illegal immigrants. this is what you are up against, you are up against state officials who are threatening local law enforcement or employers. >> he certainly knows what the laws it says, we are enforcing the laws enacted by congress. is there any other federal law enforcement agency where congressman or elected officials say do not enforce the law? no one asks the fbi not to enforce the law of the local police departments. we are enforcing the laws enacted by congress. for those that say they don't want to give us access to these low-level criminals and county jails -- the local police department arrested these people. they locked them up in their
7:24 pm
facilities. these aren't choirboys, these are people who have been arrested for crimes. if not for serious crimes, why have they been arrested? >> people who have been arrested and deported, that horrific story from two years ago, two police officers brutally murdered by illegal immigrants, killed these beliefs officers and deported several times, we have a sound bite of what he said recently when he appeared in court, let's watch. >> >> laura: you see what he says, he says i killed them, they are dead, if i could, i would kill more. this is what the fallout is of the sanctuary state wide policies that have been in
7:25 pm
effect. individuals who have stabbed 61-year-olds who have also been deported. you never hear about these things, . >> they are in a county jail, they've been arrested by local officials, they thought they were dangerous to the community. when they are done with them, why not let the federal law enforcement agencies take charge, not only remove them from community but remove them from the country. when you enter this country illegally you committed a crime. >> laura: the local mayor of oakland has told reporters that her police in her city are not going to assist you in any upcoming enforcement actions, a quick message to her?
7:26 pm
>> let me speak not to her because i don't respect her opinion, i don't respect what they did. let me say this to the men and women of the oakland police department -- first of all i'm sad you've been put in a position that a politician who was never carried a gun and badge and never put their life on their line, make these decisions that affect public safety and offers officer safe. if you are doing a lawful operation and there is a nice agent within earshot, we will do everything we can with our legal authority to assist you. we will do everything we can and to make sure you go home safe that night to your families. we will never turn our back on law enforcement. >> laura: upcoming legal clash no doubt about it here in the state of california on this immigration issue we will be watching at every step of the way. thank you so much. >> thank you very much.
7:27 pm
>> laura: that was fascinating. in america to put it simply you've been lied to in just a minute we will tell you why politicians are not being honest with you about the actual numbers of so-called dreamers who could get amnesty if the left gets their way.
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advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill that rushes powerful relief. a small size... that's fast, 'cause it's liquid. you'll ask... "what pain?" advil liqui-gels minis. >> laura: we've been led to believe that an amnesty deal for dreamers would cover 800,000 or so illegal immigrants who receive protection from that deportation under that obama era daca program. that's only of those who register for the program. there are actually a staggering 3.6 million illegals brought into the united states before their 18th birthday who could ultimately be eligible for
7:32 pm
amnesty under the daca deal that the democrats are pushing. that's a bit of a differential. that bombshell was dropped in a report from usa today just a few hours ago and they cited a study in october from the migration policy institute. here with reaction is fox news contributor and senior editor at the federalist mollie hemingway and mega tv news anchor elvira salas are in miami. i want to start with you on this because i think people get confused between the daca and the dreamers. it's only the 800,000 that they have to register it and fit in that timeline. there is a much larger pool of people who if they had their druthers the democrats would extend amnesty two. >> the daca are the most photogenic, most sympathetic group not just illegal residents
7:33 pm
of the country but people who were brought here as children. the media presentation of this group is not entirely accurate. the average age of a daca recipient is 24. they portray them as people who are dreamers dreaming of a college education, i think fewer than 900 are in the military. the media presentation has not been entirely accurate. the larger population which is what a lot of people want to provide amnesty for is much more significant. >> laura: you wrote a piece saying the democrats do not want in reality a daca deal, why would you say that? >> i think there's a case to be made that they don't demonstrate they would like a deal. it's not great electoral politics. republicans and democrats use an issue that whips up their base to make sure they turn out and vote. when people aren't willing to make any concessions on an end
7:34 pm
to chain migration, and to be so lotteries, one wonders if they are serious about a daca fix as they claim they are. >> laura: when i host my radio show i hear from a lot of americans and a lot of them are immigrants to the united states. what i hear often is i had to wait eight years and spend all this money and fill out all the paperwork and i did it because i believe in the rule of law. they are really annoyed that people come into the country and then they start making demands of the government. that irks a lot of people and i'm not a democrat but i can understand why that irks illegal immigrants. >> i understand and that's true. it doesn't matter whether it's daca or the dreamers, the system has failed everybody. fellow americans, the people that are in line and the illegals. right now, the illegals are the ones bearing the brunt of the
7:35 pm
responsibility. those kids that came into the country before they were 18 years old, what are we going to do with them? just like the 800,000 that congress is fighting for, what are we going to do? we can't deport them because they are kids. i know some americans would like for them to be deported but that is political suicide, it's not going to happen. what i think we should do is sit at the table and created this immigration reform law with no chain migration, no lottery -- let's give whatever the republicans are asking for but we need to put an end to this situation and we need to understand those kids will stay. >> laura: they are not all kids. let's be honest here, the average age is 24. they can be up to 36 or 37 years of age. it's not like toddlers and diapers that we are helping.
7:36 pm
>> 50% of illegals in this country have been here for more than 15 years. those people have homes, cars, kids. but the system fails and it allows them to be here in the business overs of america. >> laura: we have a new sherifn but what are we going to do? >> laura: what i think is the president campaigned making on america great again to represent the american people. while msnbc, another series of sob stories interviewing illegal immigrants who are in college, only 5% have graduated from college and talking about aren't you upset that you might not be able to do study abroad? i kid you not to that was one of the questions to an illegal immigrant here in california.
7:37 pm
>> so many of these stories, people don't talk about the current immigration policy, it benefits them a great deal. for people who are at the lower end of the income scale it's not the same story. many benefits but also some downsides, we don't talk about those trade-offs when we are telling one side of the sob story. americans who are struggling at the other end of the income scale, that needs to be told. more than anything we talk about working on a fix. unless we do the systematic fundamental changes to make a coherent immigration policy it doesn't matter. >> laura: i'll have you on radio tomorrow in a really long segment, great segment. i appreciate it. the president is fulfilling some pro-life promises and the latest teen fatah that could literally kill your child. our seen and unseen segments next.
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♪ >> laura: it's time for our seen and unseen segments where we expose what's really behind the big culture stories of the day. we begin with one of the biggest battles in the culture wars, it has been for 40 plus years and something that president trump is doing that no saving president has done before. let's bring in fox news contributor raymond arroyo. what is he doing for the first time in history?
7:42 pm
>> this is a big deal. tomorrow before they pro-life march, the president has never addressed a march for life. this president is having a rose garden ceremony with organizers of the march as well as young kids from colleges across the country. it will be simulcast, ronald reagan did a phone call that was simulcast but this is the first president that will actually be there. >> laura: a lot of people thought and predicted he was just saying he was pro-life, remember that famous exchange during the bait, he said this e are babies. >> the most probe life announcement. >> laura: reagan did a phone call, bush sent a letter. >> he did a recorded speech. there is substance the president is following it up with. today he established at the health and human services department a conscience and
7:43 pm
religious liberty protection unit that would allow health care providers, institutions and doctors to opt out of abortions and gender reassignment surgery. highly controversial but a defense of religious liberty that was rolled back under president obama. >> laura: gender reassignment surgery and that's what our kids are needing today. how do we go from that to laundry pods? the pods freight made. >> kids have begun to eat these as a challenge online. you couldn't get kids to put soap in their mouths without a punishment. now an online challenge, they are cooking them, they eat them. five people have died over this. if they vomit they get sick. it has caused blindness. if it's pretty, people are drawn to it. they crave it because it looks
7:44 pm
like a candy. like so many things in the culture, you will be attracted and do things they shouldn't do. >> laura: dumb stunts online, we have seen this. >> 10,000 complaints a year to the centers of disease control. >> laura: they will be starting the powder. what about the #hetoo movement movement? >> were member the naked young kids and all the teens, he should 15 male models came forward and said i was abused by this guy and i want to go through all the gross details. it is an interesting question, you have men who are sexually abuse, they are paid about 100 times, 200 times less than their female counterparts. >> laura: it should there be equality? >> maybe it's time for a
7:45 pm
#hetoo movement. >> laura: the pro-life march will be big tomorrow. >> i hope they don't look like the golden globe ladies we saw. >> laura: do we have that full screen of the golden globe gals? >> this is a little bit like the laundry pond story, people see one thing and they are drawn to it. but if you are saying respect women -- this may not be the image you want to portray. i'm all for beautiful women but do you want to be respected for your mind and your work or for other aspects? >> laura: always for the mind. men only care about the mind of the women. rebecca has both, your wife.
7:46 pm
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>> laura: a speech today delivered by president trump, a glowing report card he gave on the state of the u.s. economy.
7:50 pm
speaking to workers at h and k equipment in pennsylvania, he cited the immediate effects of the historic tax cut and what they did across america. >> president trump: there has never been a better time to hire in america, to invest in america and to believe in the american dream then right now. americans crossed oceans, tamed the wilderness, dug out the panama canal, and launched a man onto the face of the moon. american hands and grit poured the concrete in our highways and forged to the steel our skyscrapers. americans do anything, build anything and create anything as long as we have pride in our country. confidence in our values, and respect for our great american flag. america doesn't belong to the washington power brokers, it
7:51 pm
belongs to you. and i think we have taught them that. >> laura: joining us now with reaction, its former white house communications director anthony scaramucci. this speech was awesome, i know you have already written a piece for "usa today" chronicling all the successes that trump has had. if any other president and other party had such a year of accomplishment, the media it would going bananas. >> 70% approval rating, they would all be cheering him. it's common sense and its policy, and policy matters. it's great leadership from the bully pulpit. it makes so much common sense and it's so commercially sound. that's the reason. >> laura: the next segment i'm going to talk about, this group i talked to today, heavy equipment distributors across the united states.
7:52 pm
unbelievable stories, you see him in those settings. you see him with people that are actually creating something, not people who talk for a living. they are actually creating something, concrete things, they know what it's like to make a payroll every day. i like him and those settings, i want to see more of him with real americans creating real opportunity for other americans. >> no question about this, also benefiting from a spring loading, the last administration was antibusiness. there was a hoard of cash that the business leaders were saving because they were so worried about the government. he is unleashing growth and reducing regulation which i write about in the "usa today" piece, you are going to see extraordinary growth. i think he's going to surprise people in the midterms. >> laura: we are talking about apple, you said a tim cook has said really negative things about the president, they said
7:53 pm
this is the end of the trump agenda, the business council has been disbanded? who has been better for apple? donald trump, not barack obama. people are still trying to give obama credit for this period of 20,000 apple jobs. >> that will last for a little while longer but by the middle of next year there will be no but give credit to other than the president and his administration. the really good news is for the american people, watch how consumption improves now. lower middle-class families have extra disposable income and that will set off a circle as we talk about in the economic world. >> laura: are you worried about what markets overheated, it's going to collapse and can't stay this high. how bad could that be? >> over 30 years, one of the big
7:54 pm
metrics i look at is the price of the market relative to the gdp, that's starting to trend a little high. we are in that 175% zone. the very good news is they are seeing a big increase. next year's earnings support current asset prices. we will have to see what happens over the next couple of months. >> laura: you mentioned this but a lot of people don't talk about it -- the repatriation of capital profits back to the united states. 2.5 trillion overseas, 311 companies. it's now starting to come back. the feds say they are going to get upwards of $300 billion in taxes just from that repatriation. we are not even talking about how significant that figure is -- that's wild. >> what viewers need to know is there a terrific multiplier effect, it can be used for
7:55 pm
infrastructure, rebuilding airports and roads, there is a whole host of things that can happen now as a result of good economic policy. >> laura: thank you so much for that analysis. what i learned today i just mentioned it from people on the forefront of this economic resurgence, when we come back. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe.
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>> laura: i wanted to share with you what a fantastic time i had to add an event today in las vegas. i've been traveling. there i am. this is a great group of distributors of heavy equipment. italian companies, swedish companies. a lot of american-made heavy equipment. these are individuals. that truck is made in iowa. they told me the greatest
8:00 pm
stories about what happened to their businesses since trump came into office. hearing it from the job creators themselves made a huge difference. i salute each and every one of them for making this country stronger and more economically sound. that's it tonight for us from l.a. it is time to turn it over to shannon bream in washington. i will see you back here tomorrow night. >> shannon: bring one of those trucks. i think we could get around d.c. people might take us more seriously and those trucks. we could really get through the traffic. drive one back. see you tomorrow. here's what we have tonight. we will talk exclusively with attorney general jeff sessions and get his response to white house chief of staff john kelly's statement that the president's thinking on the border wall has evolved. lawmakers shocked after reading a memo detailing government surveillance abuses. releasing the close source antimony


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